Tuesday 30 November 2010

The Aquanautic® Modified Helmet.

To cope with the demands of battle as well as function under water for long periods of time The Aquanautics modified the traditional diving helmet. By using toughened glass for the front window they managed to limit the need for excess brass and copper. This brought with it two advantages: The ability for the diver to manoeuvre with greater ease and the significant benefit of having better vision. This The Aquanautics believed would give them the advantage in under water warfare against Team Poseidon.

Saturday 27 November 2010

Underwater Lighthouse - concept stage 1

Design Concept for Aquanautic Deep Ocean Lighthouse.

A sketch to explore lighting.

Thursday 25 November 2010

Sample page for APOCALYPSO.

Sample page for APOCALYPSO.
With sample text for layout purposes only.
These guys are from Team Poseidon rival Eco-warriors to The Aquanautics.
Team Poseidon are Eco-Warriors who believe in the power of the Harpoon and have heavily adapted the traditional water weapon to suit their underwater requirements. These two Eco-warrior favour the Rotary Trident-Harpoon, for it's rapid release of arrows and easy to load magazines.

Aquanautic Sub Mariner - concept

This is a rough outline for the gear an AQUANAUTIC will be equipped with. This particular Diver is a short range Ocean Warrior. Hence the small Raygun. Long Range warriors will be suitably equipped for deep Ocean missions.
These guys utilise the old fashioned Diving suits as it allows them to explore deeper into the earths Oceans.

Concept sketch for under water weapons

Sample page for basic layout idea for
An underwater adventure idea I'm working on.
This image is a guide to some of the weaponry:
THE AQUANAUTICS use in their fight against: